Relationship 85057

Relationship, Asymmetrical

Guida 2001


SubjectTrobairitz fantomatiche? I casi Alamanda ed Escaronha TextRefers to
SubjectBona domna, tan vos ai fin coratge {PC 461,56} InformationReferred to byBEdT on-line: discussione tra una "domna" e una "donzela"; Guida 2001:433 la "donzela" = la giovane Alamanda d'Estanc, la "bona domna" = Escaronha Jordan; only in R 35 (292); DBT p.433 {461,56} is by Escaronha AND Alamanda: A d’Estanc [“donzela”] promotrice del dialogo in versi AND Escaronha Jordan is the “bona domna” who answers;