History Manager

Free Software

Rich, interactive
web photo albums
  • Captions and audio/video
  • Bold, colorful themes
  • Panning and zooming
  • Fast, easy, and fun
Sure, there are lots of tools out there that let you create Web photo albums. But why settle for a bunch of static HTML pages when you could publish rich, interactive, customizable Xibit albums? Share your digital pictures with family and friends - publish them on the Web today with Xibit!
Free Software

Sort digital photos chronologically
  • Rename photos by date
  • Photos sort chronologically
  • Accurate metadata dating
  • Fast batch processing
Stamp extracts the date/time your photos were originally shot from EXIF metadata, then adds a timestamp to the beginning of each filename. After running Stamp, you can sort your photos and videos by filename to view them in true chronological order - even if they come from different cameras.
Free Software

Convert Sony
PMP files to JPG
  • Works with Sony DSC-F1
  • Converts PMP files to JPG
  • 100% lossless conversion
  • Preserves all metadata
Pump converts PMP image files from early Sony digital cameras to standard JPG format. Converts photos with no loss of quality, and preserves all camera metadata. After running Pump, you can view your photos with any image viewer, and you can sort your photos by filename to arrange them in chronological order.
Free Software

History Manager
Organize your digital photo collection
  • Chronological organization
  • Descriptive annotation
  • Locate by date or subject
  • Open, portable metadata
History Manager helps you implement the History Data methodology. Automates many of the steps involved in organizing photos chronologically, annotating photos to identify contents, and grouping photos into folders for convenient browsing. Locate photos by date, place, subject, or any other descriptive attribute.