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Process Accounting is an approach for business process-based supply chain management. A Process Accounting system starts with extensive built-in functionality:

Process Accounting systems then allow you to specify detailed business processes that reflect the way you:

The basic idea is that everything you do is part of a business process, but nothing specific about business processes is hard-coded into the system. Setting up a Process Accounting system mostly involves defining your process models and configuring your cosmetic look-and-feel preferences. You get all the benefits of process-based convenience, control, reporting, and analysis, and you don't have to adapt your business to work the way your software does. You also avoid the huge time and investment required to customize and implement traditional SCM or ERP systems.

Over the last several years, as the Process Accounting approach has taken shape, portions have been developed and tested in the field. In 1997, an early proof-of-concept system named BookDis was developed to manage retail book distribution for the European Book Company in San Francisco. BookDis implemented roughly 30% of the Process Accounting approach and is still in active production use today. In 1999, a more powerful system named Trade was developed to handle wholesale periodical supply chain operations and account management. A true enterprise application prototype, Trade implemented roughly half the Process Accounting approach and successfully managed operations for two years until the business line was shut down in 2001.

Although a full implementation has never been built, the Process Accounting approach is based on well-established concepts and field-tested design components. Tempest Solutions believes that the Process Accounting approach represents the future of SCM and a foundation for the next big step forward in ERP and CRM systems. Process Accounting is available today either as a conceptual model for a custom solution or as a blueprint for a commercial enterprise software package. For more information write to us at