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Stamp 2.8

PlatformWindows 95 98 Me NT4 2000 XP
Size2.01 MB


Freeware 2.01MB


By downloading or installing Stamp, you agree not to redistribute Stamp commercially, and you agree not to hold Tempest Solutions liable in the unlikely event you encounter any problems through installation, use, or misuse of Stamp.

What is Stamp?

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Stamp is an award-winning software utility that renames digital camera photos so they sort in chronological order:

  • Downloads photos from your camera
  • Dates photos using EXIF metadata
  • Renames photos to sort chronologically
Why do I need it?

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If you own a digital camera, you're probably generating lots of photos and videos with uninformative filenames like "IMG_0002.JPG" and "MVI_0003.AVI". It's not easy to view these files chronologically, especially if you mix photos and videos or files from different cameras.





2003-12-25 @08-58-17 MVI_0001.AVI

2003-12-25 @09-01-24 IMG_0002.JPG

2003-12-25 @09-06-35 MVI_0003.AVI

2003-12-25 @10-23-48 IMG_0004.JPG

Stamp extracts the date/time each photo was originally shot from camera-generated metadata, then adds a timestamp to the beginning of each filename. After running Stamp, you can sort your photos and videos by filename to view them in true chronological order - even if they come from different cameras.

Features and Benefits

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  • Works with all digital cameras
  • Works with photos and audio/video files
  • Downloads files directly from many cameras
  • Batch processes folder trees automatically
  • Fast and safe - never modifies file contents
  • Configurable options, filters, and filename formats
  • Comprehensive User Guide
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