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Tempest Solutions is an informal organization focused on delivering innovative, high-quality software products and professional services to the business and consumer communities. We believe that advances over the last few years have created unprecedented opportunities for enriching the lives of consumers through digital photo, audio, and video technologies. And we believe that designing software around business processes is key to enabling the next big leap forward in technology-driven economic productivity.



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Chris Klingebiel

Chris likes to spend his time running, traveling, hiking, dining out, playing guitar, and reading about science. He's an avid amateur photographer who frequently imposes on those around him by taking too many pictures and delivering passionate monologues about the benefits of digital media.

Chris has spent the last few years working in software product management and professional services. His background also includes 10 years of management consulting in business strategy, process and organization design, and technology infrastructure and development. He has worked with organizations ranging from Internet startups to Fortune 500 companies in high-tech, financial services, telco, automotive, health care, legal, and government.



Henri Gabriel

Henri enjoys riding all kinds of bicycles, listening to music, meeting friends for burritos, playing basketball, comparing microbrews, hiking, and making pizza. He appreciates peace and quiet and has a low tolerance for people who take themselves too seriously. See WorkForPizza.com for more.

Henri has spent the last several years working in technology project management, focusing on user interface design, database development, and host integration. His background also includes 11 years in wholesale supply chain management, during which he was responsible for operations, supplier relationships, customer accounts, and IT for the West Coast's largest distributor of European periodicals.


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